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Change vs Comms Campaigns: Explained

There can be confusion around what you’re trying to submit and how to do it, especially when we have various ways we use the term ‘campaign. We have:

1. Change Campaign (with a Comms Campaign)

2. Comms Campaigns

Change Campaign Submission

A Change Campaign submission is when you propose your idea to NUSU’s Campaigns’ Committee to get access to our campaigns budget which can be spent towards what you’d like to do. If you’re unsure about whether your idea is a ‘change campaign’ or not, message Conor.

This is a functional request outlining what you’d like to run, how it meets our overarching priorities and what the money will be used for. 

Once you have got sign off, you will need to work with team to submit a Comms Campaign (see below) to generate your project.

Comms Campaign Submission

A Comms Campaign is essentially your marketing request. This outlines what artwork you may need, whether you need website/email promotion, social media, printed materials, video/photography included, etc. 

If you have launched a Change Campaign, you will need to then move onto your Comms Campaign to build your project. 

If you do not have a Change Campaign, but just generally have something you want to promote (this may be an article, event, statement, etc), you can just submit a Comms Campaign brief straight away. 

If you’re unsure of what to do, message Laura at