Communications Requests

Unsure of what you are needing in terms of promotion or what we can offer? Use our new General Enquiry form and we will get back to you with our ideas and thoughts as soon as we’ve discussed as a team.

Communications Campaign Forms

Communications Campaign Support
Need help planning, launching or developing a communications campaign? We're here to help.
Communications Campaign Brief
Tell us your plan and we will set up a meeting to get the ball rolling for launch.
Campaign Content Upload
Submit the final copy for your campaign for so we can begin promotion.
Post-Campaign Evaluation
Submit once your campaign ends, so we can promote your big wins.

Email Forms

Email Campaign Request
Need a solo email to go out to a certain group of students?
What's On Email Feature
Want to promote something on our weekly email?
Department Newsletter
Choose between 3 different formats to tailor your newsletter.

Creative Requests

Artwork / Print Request
Feel free to contact the Team prior to this to access options.
Photography Request
Let us know how we can support you with photography.
Video Request
Let us know how we can support you with videography.

Website & Form Requests

New Form /Form Alteration
Request a new form to supplement what you're doing, or alter an existing.
Minor Website Amend
Need a small text or image change? Need to make some alterations to an existing page?
Major Website Update
Need to make a new page, or have heavy alterations to an existing page?
New Website Product
Please ensure you have the correct finance code and product information before submitting.

Social & Screen Requests

PR Statement Request
Need a Students' Union press release written by our copywriter?
Social Media Request
Need to promote on our social media accounts? Want an Instagram takeover?
Social Media Ad Request
Have a budget you want to spend on boosting a social media post, or set up an Ad?
Social Media Channel Request
Looking to start a new social media account?
Upload Digital Screen
Have something you want on the SU Screens? Use this form to submit.

Student Insight Research Support Requests

Student Insight Research Support
If you are interested in running a research project with the NUSU Insight Panel use this form