Finance Requests
& Claims

From claims, transfers or requests, welcome to the finance section of the NUSU Hub. If you have a query, or need some help in completing one of these forms, feel free to contact the Finance Department.

Purchase Invoice Request

Need to pay an invoice sent by a supplier?

Purchase Order Request

Need to raise a PO so the supplier will complete your order?

Expense Claim

Need to reclaim for costs you paid for personally? Or pay a volunteer?

Sales Invoice Request

Need us to raise an invoice to a customer for a service or goods we have provided?

New Supplier / Customer Request

Ordering from a new company who needs set up on our system? Or selling a service or goods to a new customer?

Debit Request

Have you used our company debit card and need to provide us with the receipts and codes?

Internal Transfer

Have you bought items from our shop or Luther’s’ and need to pay for it? Or transfer any costs between departments.

Refund Request

If a student requires a refund of an event ticket or product purchased online, fill in this form.

Bulk Refund Request

If a trip or event has been cancelled for multiple students we can refund in bulk instead of individual requests.

Credit Card Receipt Form